Today Is The Day

by Machiavelli

Our Not So Expert Opinions

Ok, not “the” day as in the end of the world (take that, Mayan calendar!), but “the” day as in Election Day!  Maybe I am too excited about it.  For some reason and at some point, I became immersed in political issues.  I guess I felt it no longer was enough to sit on the couch and watch coverage on TV, or to sit and browse the internet, I wanted to share my thoughts.  Yes, I have a lot to say about politics, and I proudly own my views.

I am honestly going to miss all of the wall-to-wall political coverage on TV.  I am not going to miss the constant ads, but I will miss the constant stream of news.  After today, assuming that no state “pulls a Florida” and forgets how to count, we will know whether President Obama won re-election, or if Mitt Romney will take…

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