Media bias: Cindy Sheehan vs Charles Woods

by Machiavelli

Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

11/2/12, “Benghazi,” Bokbluster

As I  watched Meet the Press Sunday morning, Carly Fiorina was answering a question about the election and tried to drag in a point about the Benghazi attack. David Gregory pulled her up short, saying he’d get to that later. Except that he never did. Neither did any of the other Sunday shows.

I got the idea for this cartoon from this IBD editorial, noting the lack of a Benghazi media feeding frenzy. Here’s a column by David Ignatius about weak  Benghazi coverage. And here’s a CBS report by Sharyl Attkisson that proves the exception to the idea Fox has a monopoly on the story.” via Lucianne


11/2/12, Deep-Sixing the News (to Save a President),” Andrew B. Wilson, American Spectator

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