Bush Gives Secret Talk to Wealthy in Cayman Islands

by Machiavelli


So why, just a week before the election, would former president George W Bush travel to the Cayman Islands and give a top-secret speech to selected audience members? Why would the fobid attendees from discussing what was said? Why would the completely bar reporters from the area?

The Cayman Islands, where Bush best friend Kenneth Lay’s company, Enron, created numerous dummy corporations, which they told investors were profitable growing businesses- that played a major role in the fraud that was Enron that screwed not only investors- but millions of Americans.

The Cayman Islands, where Romney, who according to news reports, has invested $25 Million in funds. Where his former company, Bain Capital, has at least 138 investments and 40 secret offshore accounts?

Why? Well, a simple guess- because this- extreme wealth and not paying ones fair share is what this election is really about- at least for those that are…

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