Civil War, the U.S. Constitution and History

by Machiavelli


We should do our best to avoid another Civil War and the best way to do that is to insist upon faithful adherence to the U.S. Constitution.

An article entitled The U.S. Constitution and Civil War, posted at my blog on December 27, 2011, has received more “hits” than any other post there. It has received 14.66% of my total hits this year thus far; 33.10% of those hits came this October, more than in any previous month. Another article, Shall we Have Another Civil War posted on August 10, 2011, has also received many hits this year.

This may indicate that there is now substantial interest in the Civil War, possibly as suggesting what our future may hold. I do not want another civil war, of any type, and hope that we can avoid it. The article concluded,

The U.S. Constitution is well worth saving, but not by…

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