USA: Texas to carry out 250th execution under Governor Rick Perry | Amnesty International USA

by Machiavelli

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

The US state of Texas is set to carry out its 250th execution under the governorship of Rick Perry.The execution – of 41-year-old Donnie Roberts, convicted of murder in 2004 – is scheduled for 6pm on 31 October.In less than a dozen years, Texas has executed more than twice as many prisoners than any other state in the USA has executed in three-and-a-half decades.“Capital punishment is inescapably cruel and incompatible with human dignity wherever and whenever it occurs,” said Rob Freer, USA Researcher at Amnesty International.“Any jurisdiction that still employs the death penalty is utterly at odds with the global abolitionist trend.”Amnesty International has repeatedly criticized the Texas authorities for failing to lead their state away from the death penalty and has highlighted arbitrariness, discrimination and error in the application of the punishment in this and other states of the USA.In his first “State of the State” address on 25…

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