Pathological Liar Ehud Barak Says Iran has Pulled Back from the Brink of (Non-Existent) Nuclear Weapon (Progam) – for Now!

by Machiavelli

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  • It appears the Greater Middle East war has been pushed back till 2013. The Illuminists are losing their pants in Syria. Their FSA terrorists are getting an ass whooping. So their war plans are delayed. This also implies that the plug will not be pulled to trigger the global economic, financial and monetary meltdown just yet.
  • Ehud Barak the Illuminist puppet is faithfully selling the new propaganda: Iran has pulled back from the brink of nuclear weapons, to delay the war. If you believe all these Zionists, you are an idiot. They are a bunch of pathological liars flying their Satanic ‘666’ Hexagram flag! Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program! Article below is largely Zionist propaganda!

    Israel says Iran has pulled back from the brink of nuclear weapon – for now! 
    byDavid Blair, 
    Iran has drawn back from its ambition to build a nuclear weapon but…

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