American High School Commemorates Russian Communist Revolution….

by Machiavelli

Political Arena

We have said it hundreds of times and the evidence never stops piling up, leftist universities and union leaders are pushing this nonsense on our kids. I took an economic class in 2009 and I asked the students if they had ever heard anything good about capitalism in any class ever and the answer was no; and that is not unusual.

Fox Radio:

A Pennsylvania high school marching band is raising eyebrows with a halftime performance that commemorates the Russian revolution, complete with red flags, olive military-style uniforms, and giant hammers and sickles.

“St. Petersburg: 1917” is the theme for the New Oxford High School Marching Band. Ironically, the school’s athletic teams are called the Colonials and their colors are red, white and blue. The band’s website features a picture of the group with students holding a hammer and sickle. [Which they have no taken down and password protected their entire web site…

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