by Machiavelli

Israel aggressive behavior and relentless violation of others sovereign right only sets a precedent that rogue states will soon begin to put in practice. The reality remains that excessive aggressiveness in international security system is often counterproductive on the long run. U.S is a typical example. Regardless of the proactive measures in place Al-Qaeda penetrated them at home. The world is change tremendously and global player must learn to adapt.

Rivers of Hope


CAIRO (AP) — A suspected Israeli airstrike against a weapons factory in Khartoum last week points to a possible escalation in a hidden front of the rivalry between Israel and Iran: The arms pipeline through Sudan to Islamic militants on Israel’s borders.

Mystery still surrounds the blast, which killed four people. But analysts say the incident could indicate Iran is trying to send more advanced weapons via Sudan to Hamas in the Gaza Strip or Hezbollah in Lebanon — and that Israel has become more determined to stop it at a time of increased tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.

Consensus has built among Israeli and Arab military…

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