PJMedia Benghazi Tip Line

by Machiavelli


Benghazi: Help America Find the Truth BEFORE the Election


” Despite the extraordinary nature of the event and its immense implications for the War on Terror and for U.S. foreign policy in
general, most mainstream media outlets are devoting little or no attention to it.

   Meanwhile, an election is being held on November 6 that is considered by many to
be the most important in our lifetimes. Some are already voting. Yet the electorate remains largely in the blind on this key issue.
  We further know there are a number of individuals out there who know the truth or part of the truth about what happened in
Benghazi that night. Most probably those individuals work for the government (intelligence agencies, State Department, etc.) or the military and are not permitted
to divulge this information in public.

  We sympathize with them, their requirements, and their privacy…

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