Who will stand for Malala?

by Machiavelli


“I am Malala Yousafzai” is now the voice of every Pakistani girl who is struggling with the societal restrictions of going to school, something that is predominantly elementary to any nation. This 14-year-old girl born in the Swat valley has been shot in her head for believing in something greater than the rest. Her blog reflected her views on education for young girls in a country where attaining an equal status for women is more than just an uphill battle.

She fought for the educational rights of young girls then and now she is fighting for her life in a British hospital. The inhuman act of the Taliban is nothing but a portrayal of the insecurities they have stemming from the people they oppress who wish to learn.

Her campaign began under Taliban rule and their attempts to take over Swat valley. Several demonstrations and marches have followed this gory…

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