Kuwait sets elections for December 1 but opposition will boycott.

by Machiavelli

Rivers of Hope


KUWAIT (Reuters) – Kuwait’s main opposition said it would boycott parliamentary elections set for December 1. after the cabinet announced the poll date and changes to the voting system on Saturday.

The opposition, which holds a parliamentary majority, described changes to the electoral law as a “coup against the constitution” and called for a protest march on Sunday, said Ahmed al-Dayen, anopposition politician.

Kuwait’s political system has been hit by months of turmoil stemming from a tussle between the government, which is controlled by the ruling family, and the parliament, which is dominated by Islamists and tribal figures.

Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Kuwait’s emir, had dissolved parliament on October 7, meaning that an election had to take place by mid-December.

It was the sixth dissolution of parliament since early 2006 in the oil producing state, an ally of the United States.

The cabinet…

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