Australia secures a seat on the United Nations Security Council

by Machiavelli

Thoughtlines with Bob Carr

Australia has been elected to serve as a non-permanent member on the United Nations Security Council for 2013 and 2014.

For the next two years Australia will have a direct hand in shaping solutions to the world’s most pressing security challenges.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Foreign Minister Bob Carr thanked Australia’s regional and global partners for the confidence they had shown in Australia and underlined that Australia would play a constructive role across the breadth of the Council’s peace and security agenda.

Australia’s key priorities will include Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and North Korea. Australia will also work to ensure the effectiveness of UNSC sanctions regimes, including those targeting individuals associated with Al-Qaida.

Ms Gillard and Senator Carr congratulated Luxembourg, South Korea, Argentina and Rwanda, which were also elected to serve as non-permanent members for 2013-14.

The UN Security Council is at the core of the UN – it has…

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