Jared Bernstein – The Recovery Is Better Than Romney Would Like It To Be

by Machiavelli

Desert Dogmeh

You’ll notice a strange practice that you may not be familiar with when you read something from Jared Bernstein.

Don’t let it throw you off.

Apparently, nobody in the partisan pundit crowd ever got around to giving him the proper instruction.

It seems that Mr. Bernstein (a liberal leaning guy who supports Obama) has made a descision to point out things in the economy that are actually looking a little better.

And then, in a show of extreme political naivite, he actually points out things that aren’t.

He’s making an attempt to give an objective opinion.

He won’t last.


The Recovery Is Better Than Romney Would Like It To Be

Oct 18, 2012

The challenger will always try to talk down the economy.  Even back in 1996, when jobs, growth, and even middle-class incomes were really taking off, candidate Bob Dole was trying to convince everyone that things were bad and getting…

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