Colombia’s Chance of Peace

by Machiavelli

Achieving World Peace Now!

Colombia’s Chance of Peace

By Sibylla Brodzinsky, Calandaima – October 15, 2012

Under the jagged Andean peaks of south-western Colombia, a group of villagers gathered on a recent cloudy morning at the rural school, where they mixed cement to rebuild a classroom destroyed in March by a mortar shell.

The mortar had been fired by guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc), aimed at an army outpost on the next hill. But, like many of the homemade explosives used by the rebels, it missed its mark.

This time, the villagers were lucky; there were no casualties. But after living under the shadow of leftist guerrilla groups for nearly 50 years, townspeople know that death can come from either side and at any time. “If you’re home, you hide under the bed,” says José Aurelio Medina, a community leader in Calandaima. “If you’re in the fields, you take…

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