A Strange Week for the EU: Ups and Downs for the Union

by Machiavelli

La Jeune Politique

And the winner is… the European Union! Or is it? Friday, the European Union was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace for its contribution over six decades “to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe.” Certainly, this is great news for the EU which has undergone many political difficulties over the last few months.

But already, new problems are rising: who will represent the EU in Stockholm to come and gather the prize? President of the European Commission Manuel Barroso? His legitimacy has been questioned since he was elected without competition. President of the European Union Herman Van Rompuy? He is barely known in the EU and has almost no real power. The 27 Heads of State that form the EU? That would not be a great symbol of unity. This is only but a small problem in the EU agenda, but it reveals the…

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