The Positive Side of Prostitution

by Machiavelli


I don’t hesitate in saying that most people would agree that prostitution is a horrible, tragic truth. The extreme emotional stress, the pressure of physical demands, the danger, the severe moral and ethical conflicts…. there are thousands of reasons why no one should be subjected to such callousness. In the US, 49 out of the 50 states have outlawed the profession (I’m looking at you, Nevada, in absolute astonishment).

My experience with prostitution doesn’t go very far beyond having seen Pretty Woman and Risky Business. In the extremely impoverished neighborhood that I lived in/near in New Jersey this summer, prostitutes walked the sides of the streets sometimes. It being the first time I had real-life interaction with this, even to the little amount that I only physically saw them, I was terrified that I would be approached or put in a compromising situation. No surprise, I quickly gave up running around…

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