The Best Among the Rest: Interbrand’s Listing of the Top Global Brands in 2012

by Machiavelli

Playing the Point

Interbrand recently released its list of top global brands. The image below provides a snapshot of the ranking.

Remarkably, six out of the ten top brands are tech companies. Given this outcome, it would be interesting to study why these corporations are lording it over in the top ten. Academics, especially those involved in the evaluation of corporate culture, may want to see what makes these six organizations tick. As for practitioners and managers, they may want to determine if some of the practices of these firms are worth in emulating in their respective firms. This, however, should be done with circumspection because what may work for Apple, for instance, will not necessarily be adaptable to other companies.

Anyway, Interbrand’s list is evidently fascinating. And to those who want to know more about it, CNN’s Richard Quest discusses it further.

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