U.S. Government Warns: Don’t Let Chinese Spies Invade Your Phone.

by Machiavelli

Rivers of Hope

Let’s say you’re a law-abiding, civic-minded American citizen engaged in some form of activism for change or political dissent or, God forbid, entering a mosque. You want to be able to go about these democratic pursuits without some foreign surveillance system monitoring your every step and conversation, am I right? And you want to think the United States has a system in place to keep you secure from international spyware, correct?

Well, if that’s how you really feel, text those beliefs at your own risk.

It’s not just the Chinese you have to worry about monitoring your cellphone call or email. That’s one lesson that privacy advocates are adding to findings from a House Intelligence Committee Reportreleased this week that warned of the surveillance risk posed by Chinese telecom companies.

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Since 2011, Congress has been investigating two global information and communications…

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