Forbes v Time – It’s Forbes all the way. Fact!

by Machiavelli

The Irish Bull

It didn’t take long, did it? Forbes have published a contradictory article concerning Enda’s cover on Time magazine last week – which left anyone outside the circumference of the government circle flabbergasted.

“If Mr. Kenny can’t negotiate a deal on Ireland’s still-crippling debt levels, I suspect his Time cover won’t prove particularly relevant when he next faces the electorate.” viaThe Celtic Comeback? Don’t Believe the Hype – Forbes.

‘I don’t see Enda leading his party into the next election,’ said George Oilwell. ‘Apart from that it’s an excellent article based on facts.’

In the article, author and economist Karl Whelan included how Ireland’s ratio of debt to GDP is actually 11% higher than when Enda Kenny took over. Unemployment also rose from an administration starting, 14.1%, to the current 14.8%. This despite the government being helped by a generational exodus, with one person leaving the country every 5…

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