U.S. sets steep final duties on Chinese solar panels

by Machiavelli

Daily Energy Dump


The Obama administration has heavily backed solar and other renewable energy since taking office, pledging about $16 billion for 26 projects through its clean energy loan program

The United States on Wednesday slapped steep final duties on billions of dollars of solar energy products from China, but turned down a request from lawmakers and U.S.manufacturers to expand the scope of its order, reports Doug Palmer of Reuters.

The decision is not likely to end the tariff battles between the U.S. and China, though it could hurt the Chinese economy, which has been facing trade and finance issues (second item) and has an overabundance of solar panels already manufactured and still online.

China’s government and its solar manufacturers criticized the decision, adding more heat to the U.S.-China trade relationship following a congressional panel report on Monday urging American companies not to do business with two Chinese telecommunications companies because of security concerns.
“The United States is provoking…

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