MITT: threw 47% of Americans under the bus

by Machiavelli

Catching one monkey all the time

With the secret taping – he wrote off 47% of the Americans.  Literally – he threw them under the bus.  So Americans – wherever you are look to your right or to your left:  that person you see has been thrown under the bus by MITT Romney.

OMG! – now he says he is for the Middle Class – absolutely stealing Obama’s thunder.   Now he is for the 100%  of Americans.

I hope Americans are not that stupid and elect this Etch-A-Sketch Republican.   Are you NUTS!!!

MITT will say ANYTHING and do ANYTHING to get elected.  Can’t you see this guy is all about himself and not about you.  And Big Money is hijacking the politics in US and buying him this election.

I hope you people can see this.  It is totally unbelievable.  Obama is polite in saying MITT is dishonest…………….I say MITT is a compulsive LIAR!!!

He is definitely going…

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